While Halloween may still be a month away, pumpkin season is here! From the conventional gourds to special Cinderella varieties, there's a pumpkin for every age and design asthetic. 

Being that this is Artifcts' first pumpkin season, we decided to jump into all things pumpkin with two events. We'll first be teaming up with Keller's Farmstand in Illinois for a pumpkin carving contest (#kellersfarmstand, #artifcts, #pumpkincontest). Since it's the Farmstand's 30th anniversary, the theme is vintage 1991. Local winners will be able to redeem Fall Festivities passes and fresh donuts from Keller's Farmstand. All the rest of us can simply join for fun. Co-founder Ellen Goodwin is readying her drawing skills and sharpening her carving tools for a Wednesday Addams pumpkin. And next month we'll particpate in another local pumpkin-related event at a local school in the Washington D.C. area.

So get out in the fresh air to visit your local patch, and don't forget to Artifct that carved pumpkin this year tagged #carvedpumpkin.