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What’s Next… Living Longer Better Smarter: People, Places & Things

April 13, 2022

Artifcts was invited by Mary Furlong and Fred Fishkin to join their podcast, "What’s Next… Living Longer Better Smarter: People, Places & Things (episode 28)."

Heather Nickerson, co-founder and CEO of Artifcts, led off the discussion sharing insights into how Artifcts has brought to market a friendly, fun, and powerful tool to unite stories and stuff so that our stories can live on, whether or not we hang onto the stuff!

Episode 28 was full of surprises, featuring not only Artifcts, but basketball great Rick Barry,, and Vitalcy, "Your pro-age guide to living."

You can replay the podcast below or visit Mary Furlong's website to view this and other episodes. 


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What's New at Artifcts
Artifcts Now a Preferred Provider of AgeWise Colorado

AgeWise Colorado is a non-profit created with older adults, their loved ones, and current and future caregivers in mind, helping them to find the products and services to help older adults stay in their homes and Age Well ... Age Wisely. "AgeWise Colorado is exactly what we need more of in this world. Essential to life-fulfilling services, vetted, and in one place to benefit the local community. We're honored to be a small part of their work." said Artifcts Co-founder Ellen Goodwin.

Artifcts is an agile provider that not only cherishes the value of our personal memories and histories but wants to ensure that's what we carry with us in life, and not the burden of 'stuff.' Artifcts is a fun and powerful website and app that helps you connect the dots of a memory to create a personal collection that you can privately or publicly share. Combine a photo with audio or video to share Mom's story about her and your Dad's first home, remember the details behind all those medals, flags, and uniforms of Dad's service in the Korean war, capture that family recipe for all time, with a video tip from Grandma on that key step.

"We saw in Artifcts a platform that puts people first. Whether in-home care providers spend time Artifcting with your loved one, or together you use Artifcts for estate and end-of-life planning, it's the experience that keeps on giving. It's time well spent. You can enjoy those memories together now and simplify what can be a difficult process at end of life, too," said Bob Brocker, Founder and Board President of AgeWise Colorado.

AgeWise Colorado will provide members with discounted access to Artifcts memberships through its website.


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Glowing Older Episode 11:6 - Ellen Goodwin on Milestones and Lessons Learned after Celebrating Artifcts’ First Anniversary

Artifcts was honored to be invited by Nancy Griffin, of the Glowing Older podcast, to chat about the purpose and realities of starting a consumer tech company that can support more meaningful and connected living. Co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer Ellen Goodwin spoke with Griffin about creating Artifcts to preserve history while protecting privacy, and how the founders strive to grow Artifcts into a household name for all generations.

Artifcts allows people to capture the moment behind their objects and decide whether to share them privately or publicly. Privacy and security are our twin pillars.

Key Takeaways, according to Glowing Older:

  • Artifcts will be adopting biometric options because they found members have difficulty remembering their passwords, so they write them down. (Please don't do that!)
  • To be a trusted site for privacy and security, there is a padlock on sensitive information so certain fields are impossible to share in error. Read more about privacy and security at Artifcts >
  • Artifcts’ diversity of functionality appealed to AARP Innovation Labs. Members can create stories with text, photos, audio, and video and then connect with others.

Listen to the podcast on Glowing Older now by clicking on the image below!



Hospitality and wellness expert Nancy Griffin interviews a diverse cohort of entrepreneurs, authors, corporate executives, experience providers, and agetech developers, all around the theme of senior living and aging well. Learn more >

© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Celebrating 1 Year of Artifcts!

Dear Reader,

We’re celebrating Artifct’s first birthday tomorrow! 

We often joked at the beginning that building a company was a lot like raising a child—it takes a village, with all kinds of people, supporters, and even village elders to guide us along the way. The first year proved this out—we built a highly functional, fun, and powerful platform with the help of our diverse and talented village. It was everything and nothing that we expected.  

Our first year...was everything and nothing that we expected

Launching during a pandemic comes with inherent uncertainties. We had hoped for many more opportunities to interact in-person with our Artifcts community—from Arti Live events to pop ups around the country—that we could not in good conscience pursue. At the same time, we were able to build our company to thrive from a virtual-only standpoint that is not only pandemic proof but recession proof. We focused on local roots and communities to bring them what they needed most—human connection. No risky events or travel required.  

Of the many highs was our participation in the AARP Innovation Labs accelerator program and the partnerships that came out of our local communities and networks. We have a thriving partnership network to ensure all of life's moments and ‘stuff’ are addressed from digitization and preservation to videographies and genealogy research and storytelling. Through our partnership with Unwrapit, we’re even enabling companies to gift sustainably and meaningfully. We also recently announced our “What’s it worth?” feature supported by Heritage Auctions to help our members preserve and share the value behind their stuff. (Have you tried it yet?)  

Our strategic advisory board has been game changing as well, helping as we grow and expand our reach to new markets. We have vast expertise behind us to keep us on the frontline of technology, online community, estate and financial management, and stuff! If you missed our announcement introducing our newest advisory board member Matt Paxton, you can view it here. 

And of course, Artifcts itself is the ultimate representation of how far we’ve come in only one year. We’ve delivered key new features such as audio and video, file sharing from alternative storage sites, building networks, and so much more. All these features are custom designed in our patent-pending platform where privacy and security come first.  

We continue to enable our community to make the choices that are right for them, just as we are redefining Artifcts to be what is valuable to you. We’re calling it Human Media 1.0 and we invite you to join us as we joyfully kick off year two of Artifcts. 

Happy Artifcting,



© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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