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Artifcts' Founders Chat with How to Move Your Mom™ (and still be on speaking terms afterward)

If you've been following along here at Artifcts, you know that Artifcting to support downsizing and decluttering as well as building those intergenerational bonds are very much a part of our ethos. So you can imagine how at home the founders of Artifcts found themselves when chatting recently with Marty Stevens-Heebner on her podcast How to Move Your Mom(and still be on speaking terms afterward). Stevens-Heebner's podcast features top experts as well as older adults and family members who’ve lived through it all in the search for answers to the questions most people don’t know to ask and explore the possibilities, complexities, and potential of later life.

Our discussion was wide ranging! Here are a few themes that guided our discussion:

  • Where you can preserve and share the history behind your personal treasures for generations to come
  • Why documenting your most important possessions with younger family members can bridge the generational gap and create closer relationships
  • The surprising crossover between Artifcts and insurance. Make sure you have the proper coverage. File claims faster and easier.
  • How sharing these memories makes it much easier to let items go when you’re downsizing.

Catch the preview here or jump in and enjoy the full podcast now by clicking the image below! 

Preview of How to Preserve Your Treasures – and Their Stories – While You’re Downsizing –

Click the image to listen to the podcast over on How to Move Your Mother.

And if you get curious as you listen, here are two of the Artifcts we mentioned in the discussion:

In the words of Stevens-Heebner, "What objects are traveling through your history with you?" We'd love to share your story at Artifcts. Contact


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Glowing Older Episode 11:6 - Ellen Goodwin on Milestones and Lessons Learned after Celebrating Artifcts’ First Anniversary

Artifcts was honored to be invited by Nancy Griffin, of the Glowing Older podcast, to chat about the purpose and realities of starting a consumer tech company that can support more meaningful and connected living. Co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer Ellen Goodwin spoke with Griffin about creating Artifcts to preserve history while protecting privacy, and how the founders strive to grow Artifcts into a household name for all generations.

Artifcts allows people to capture the moment behind their objects and decide whether to share them privately or publicly. Privacy and security are our twin pillars.

Key Takeaways, according to Glowing Older:

  • Artifcts will be adopting biometric options because they found members have difficulty remembering their passwords, so they write them down. (Please don't do that!)
  • To be a trusted site for privacy and security, there is a padlock on sensitive information so certain fields are impossible to share in error. Read more about privacy and security at Artifcts >
  • Artifcts’ diversity of functionality appealed to AARP Innovation Labs. Members can create stories with text, photos, audio, and video and then connect with others.

Listen to the podcast on Glowing Older now by clicking on the image below!



Hospitality and wellness expert Nancy Griffin interviews a diverse cohort of entrepreneurs, authors, corporate executives, experience providers, and agetech developers, all around the theme of senior living and aging well. Learn more >

© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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What’s Next… Living Longer Better Smarter: People, Places & Things

Artifcts was invited by Mary Furlong and Fred Fishkin to join their podcast, "What’s Next… Living Longer Better Smarter: People, Places & Things (episode 28)."

Heather Nickerson, co-founder and CEO of Artifcts, led off the discussion sharing insights into how Artifcts has brought to market a friendly, fun, and powerful tool to unite stories and stuff so that our stories can live on, whether or not we hang onto the stuff!

Episode 28 was full of surprises, featuring not only Artifcts, but basketball great Rick Barry,, and Vitalcy, "Your pro-age guide to living."

You can replay the podcast below or visit Mary Furlong's website to view this and other episodes. 


© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Artifcts Launches on Unwrapit - Corporate Gifting Ready!

Want to offer employees, business partners, event participants, and other groups experience-oriented gift options to choose from? Artifcts is available now on Unwrapit to meet the interests of any gift recipient from collectors and sporting enthusiasts to world travelers, genealogists, and artists. Unwrapit was created to provide sustainable gifting options, at scale, and no bow required, just as Artifcts cheerfully told you about its own gift subscriptions during the 2021 holiday season!  

"We've come to realize that an Artifct is in and of itself a gift, too," said Artifcts Co-founder Heather Nickerson. "Each Artifct can inspire connection to friends and family in addition to supporting financial and life planning as each Artifct is exportable to your insurance plan and/or will and is ultimately transferable to a friend or loved one.

It's your stuff. Will it be your story? Start your personal Artifcts collection today free here at, and let your organization know that Artifcts is available via Unwrapit for gifting to your organization and community!


© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Live on Cheddar News: Artifcts Platform to Preserve History and Your Memories
Ellen Goodwin, Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Officer of Artifcts, joined ChedHER on Friday, 18 February, to discuss how Artifcts is creating a platform to preserve the history of your belongings. She also shared her experience succeeding in male-dominated government and tech industries. ChedHER is a special program from Cheddar News that celebrates representation and inclusion in business with today’s leaders and shines a light on the women who are making strides in their industries.
Ellen Goodwin in the ChedHER's virtual green room
Ellen Goodwin hanging out in ChedHER's virtual green room. Smile for the camera!
"We're lucky to have outlets like ChedHER going out of the way to give female entrepreneurs across the spectrum of industries and background a platform," said Ellen. "Maybe I should have been more succint, but it was worth spending more time on the question of succeeding in a man's world than talking about what's in store for Artifcts in 2022."
Curious what the answer would have been? So very much!
"We're five-months young, learning a lot through our workshops with the AARP Innovation Lab's Accelerator Program, making inroads into the travel and sporting industries, along with family history, the arts, and antiques, and frankly having a lot of fun," said Ellen. Artifcts is preparing to announce its first advisory board, which notably includes a powerhouse female ... in tech. The board will support Articts as it expands in niche markets as well as implements the latest in machine learning and computer vision to bring information and more community options, non-invasively, to Artifcters worldwide.
© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Has Much Changed for Female Entrepreneurs During the COVID Pandemic?

Has Much Changed for Female Entrepreneurs During the COVID Pandemic?

Gary Drenik, Forbes Contributor for Leadership Strategy, interviewed Artifcts co-founders Heather Nickerson and Ellen Goodwin to gain their perspectives on female-led entrepreneuriship in the time of COVID.

Some of the best business ideas are born out of people solving their own problems and then offering the solution to the world. Artifcts is no different, but what is different was the when, why, and how that resulted in this startup going from a glimmer of an idea to a launched subscription platform in under nine months. 

The full interview is now available online at Forbes.


© 2021 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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