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Artifcts Joins the What's Next in Longevity and Innovation Summit

December 06, 2022

Artifcts is thrilled to be an invited sponsor and speaker at The What’s Next Longevity Innovation Summit in Washington, DC. The Summit convenes leaders who are innovating within the AgeTech space to help adults live longer, better lives. Heather Nickerson, Co-founder and CEO of Artifcts, will serve as the moderator of a panel titled, "The Power of Story and Legacy," which will delve into the meaningful, functional, and clinical perspectives on storytelling within the storyline of longevity. 

Power of Story and Legacy Panelists

The panel of experts will include: Ellen Goodwin, Co-founder and CSO of Artifcts; Beth Sanders, Founder and CEO of LifeBio; Rick Voight, Co-founder and CEO of Vivid-Pix; and Daniel Sieberg, Co-founder and CMO of GoodTrust. 

“We are honored to be recognized as a thought leader in the AgeTech space, and we look forward to making new connections at the Summit to help us as we continue to grow and scale,” said Nickerson. Artifcts is the only holistic SAAS platform designed to tackle the world of ‘stuff,’ allowing individuals and families to tell their story, preserve their history, and build their legacy, one object at a time.

“The passion and strategy the founders of Artifcts bring to this critical area of human connection and legacy leaves you in awe and inspires you to think about the world around you differently,” said Mary Furlong. “We at MFA look forward to watching them become a dominant player in the market.”


© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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What's New at Artifcts
Hello! by NASMM Interviews the Founders of Artifcts

Mary Kay Buysse, Executive DirectorNational Association of Specialty & Senior Move Managers ® (NASMM), describes herself as a "fan girl" of Artifcts and with good reason. Technology is awesome when it's awesome, and the rest of the time it gets in our way, causes costly delays and errors, and spoils relationships. 

Our founders joined the Hello! interview series from NASMM for a deep-dive into Artifcts, a powerful digital instrument move managers will want to have front and center in their move management toolboxes. We offered a behind the scenes look into how Artifcts came to be as well as how move clients and their families benefit from Artifcts.

"Artifcts really has no direct competitor. What Artifcts is doing is unique because it's solving a problem we all have when we have to both deal with our stuff and want to preserve our stories and memories. And it's so easy and fun. It's remarkable!" said Mary Kay.

It was an engaging discussion, and we hope an informative one for all of you who are move managers or are in the position to hire someone to help with your next move. Artifcting can help you prepare, ease the emotional nature of the actual pack out day(s), and bring you joy for years to come. Listen in!


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Artifcts Co-Founder Speaks at LongeviTech-TLV 2023

Last week was the first annual LongeviTech conference, led by the vision and mission-driven focus of Dr. Ira Sobel, the founder and Academic Director of Fintech for Longevity Academy.

LongeviTech-TLV 2023 united people from across the globe to create a unique space for open discussions and collaboration on the critical social, financial, health, and other lenses of longevity. If we are living longer and longer, how do we ensure the financial resilience, community support, and more to live quality, healthy lives by our own personal definitions?

Ellen Goodwin will speak at LongeviTech TLV 2023

Artifcts was honored to be invited to the stage in Tel Aviv alongside Laura Minquini, AthenaDAO; Ariel Yosefi, Herzog Fox & Neeman; Ron Gura, Empathy; and Polina Marenkova, Wallife. Our panel discussed the role of technology in longevity to preserve our legacies and both pre-plan and manage end of life with lesser emotional, legal, and financial toll than is the status quo.

"Artifcts is building something revolutionary, uniting in a single technology the power to unlock the stories and the financial value within the objects we all collect," said Dr. Sobel. "The platform promises a simple and powerful process, and I look forward to seeing how it will reshape aspects of insurance, estate planning, and story-sharing."

Over the next year, the conference participants will use the new relationships and momentum from last week's conference to forge new product crossovers, support intersecting research, capture the imagination of venture capital in longevity, and more. Stay tuned! This this only the beginning.


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Artifcts' Founders Chat with How to Move Your Mom™ (and still be on speaking terms afterward)

If you've been following along here at Artifcts, you know that Artifcting to support downsizing and decluttering as well as building those intergenerational bonds are very much a part of our ethos. So you can imagine how at home the founders of Artifcts found themselves when chatting recently with Marty Stevens-Heebner on her podcast How to Move Your Mom(and still be on speaking terms afterward). Stevens-Heebner's podcast features top experts as well as older adults and family members who’ve lived through it all in the search for answers to the questions most people don’t know to ask and explore the possibilities, complexities, and potential of later life.

Our discussion was wide ranging! Here are a few themes that guided our discussion:

  • Where you can preserve and share the history behind your personal treasures for generations to come
  • Why documenting your most important possessions with younger family members can bridge the generational gap and create closer relationships
  • The surprising crossover between Artifcts and insurance. Make sure you have the proper coverage. File claims faster and easier.
  • How sharing these memories makes it much easier to let items go when you’re downsizing.

Catch the preview here or jump in and enjoy the full podcast now by clicking the image below! 

Preview of How to Preserve Your Treasures – and Their Stories – While You’re Downsizing –

Click the image to listen to the podcast over on How to Move Your Mother.

And if you get curious as you listen, here are two of the Artifcts we mentioned in the discussion:

In the words of Stevens-Heebner, "What objects are traveling through your history with you?" We'd love to share your story at Artifcts. Contact


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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