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Press Release: Artifcts Debuts New Platform to Capture Objects and Their Stories

August 23, 2021

Artifcts, Inc. has announced the upcoming launch of its web and app-based platform enabling people globally to capture the objects in their lives and the meaning behind them. The platform promises a simple, fun, and powerful process to upload an object, add a few details, and save it to a private viewing space. Artifcts community members can share their personal Artifcts privately or through social media, export to add to wills or insurance policies, and more.

Artifcts is designed to meet people where they are at in life: young artists, new parents, world travelers, and older adults alike, all looking to capture and preserve a piece of their history, legacy, and identity. Co-founder and CEO Heather Nickerson said, “We're redefining ‘artifacts.’ They don’t have to be valuable, historically relevant, or collections. Artifcts are something meaningful to you. They tell the tale of a life lived!"

Ellen Goodwin, Co-founder and CSO, emphasized that Artifcts offers a place to be yourself, no polish required. “Our beta launch confirmed that people are looking for a place to just be. Privacy is the default, the application is ad free, and the experience is cozy. People told us that Artifcts was like looking inside someone’s closet.”

The subscription-based platform will launch publicly on August 26 and will also offer concierge services for those seeking a personalized, hands-on Artifcting experience.


About Artifcts (

Artifcts is a purpose-driven community united by an appreciation for the history, stories, and memories represented by the 'stuff 'of our lives, from whiskey glasses and watches to sketches and dresses. We capture and preserve the objects of our lives and their stories to contextualize our life experiences, meaningfully connect with others, and ensure our personal legacies live on.

Co-founders Heather Nickerson and Ellen Goodwin started their careers at the Central Intelligence Agency and reunited through Artifcts. The pair is working together again supporting a new mission to preserve the personal and global history behind the objects of our lives.

Artifcts, Inc., was founded in December 2020 and is headquartered in the Washington D.C. area.

What's New at Artifcts
Graduation Day! Onward to the AARP AgeTech Collaborative

Wiser and stronger for our time with the AARP Innovation Labs Accelerator, we're now joining the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP!

We announced back in November our selection for the AARP Innovation Labs' Accelerator Program. What an experience it's been. From feedback on our product and marketing to access to the latest research in delivering life enhancing products to the demographics of the 50+ population, we're now better prepared for the next stage of growth for our startup as graduates of the AARP Innovation Labs’ accelerator program. 

"What is next for Artifcts?" you may wonder. So much! As we increase our collaboration with artists, sport enthusiasts, and travel organizations, we're also ensuring that Artifcts can support you as you prepare your estate, share information with your insurance agent, and just maybe find new community and creative outlets for all the 'stuff' in your life. Stay with us. The best is yet to come!


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Artifcts Announces Formation of Strategic Advisory Board

The Artifcts Team is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic advisory board. The Board brings incredible depth, hands-on experience, and leadership and will advise on all matters related to Artifcts' strategic growth, including applications of emerging tech and expansion into niche markets.

Artifcts is developing a platform unlike any other, helping us to connect the dots to capture and preserve the history, memories, and life experiences behind the objects of our lives for future generations. Artifcts' current participation in the AARP Innovation Labs Accelerator Program will provide a launch pad in 2022 for people-first technological advancements that build community and enable individuals and families to better share and understand the value—sentimental and/or market—behind their belongings, all with a fervent bias toward consumer privacy and transparency. 

The introduction of the Board reflects our desire to ensure diversity of thought and experience are represented as we build out Artifcts in our first full year of operations (and beyond). Meet our Board:


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Standing By Our Team

The war in Ukraine is ever present in our daily thoughts and operations at Artifcts. Our global team has been directly affected, their daily lives upturned, new layers of stress and uncertainty a heavy burden on all.  

We have taken steps to provide for the financial and professional welfare of our team members in the region, who through no fault of their own, now live in a suspended state of reality. What's next is unknown. The depth of this global division and its toll on human and economic welfare unknowable.  

We stand by our colleagues. We want to contribute the tiny difference each of us can make in the world by knowing each other has people first, nations a distant second. To all those beyond our team, we hold the wellbeing and safety of you and yours in our thoughts. 


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