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A Letter from Our CEO

Heather Nickerson, Artifcts
August 26, 2021

Dear Readers, 

I am very proud to announce the launch of Artifcts, our web and app-based platform that enables users anywhere and everywhere to capture, preserve, and share the stories (and meaning) behind the objects in their lives. 

Why Artifcts? My mother was the initial inspiration for Artifcts. She passed away unexpectedly several years ago. Like most of us, she had a lot of stuff.  

Following her death, I was frustrated because I had her stuff, but what I really wanted were her stories. The who, what, when, where, and why behind the objects. Why did she have a certain item? Where did it come from? When did she get it? What was the story behind her beloved softball glove? What did it mean to her? Why did she love a specific piece of jewelry? Who gave it to her? Was it for a special occasion? What occasion? Sadly, the objects could not tell her story. Only my mother could have done that, and she was no longer here.  

That was the genesis of Artifcts—an overwhelming desire to ensure that anyone anywhere would have a safe and secure way to pass down stories, not just things. To ensure that others would never have to be in the same situation I found myself in one January morning, sitting in my mother’s closet fighting back tears, pondering what to keep and what to rehome.  

That was the genesis of Artifcts—an overwhelming desire to ensure that anyone anywhere would have a safe and secure way to pass down stories, not just things

As with any idea, Artifcts has evolved over the months to be more than just a place to document the who, what, when, where, and why behind the objects in our lives. We’ve created and enabled a variety of features that allow our community members to capture small (and big) moments in time, connect with loved ones, and preserve the meaning behind the objects that speak to who we are and where we’ve been. 

I invite you, dear Readers, to join us on our adventure. Share an Artifct with a friend or a loved one. Tell a story that hasn’t been told before. Create, connect, inspire. (Or if you want to make your insurance agent very happy, export a copy of your Artifcts to your homeowner’s policy.) It’s all doable here. 

Go ahead. Give us a try. Tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you. 

Happy Artifcting, 

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What's New at Artifcts
AARP Innovation Labs Selects Artifcts for Accelerator Program

 has selected Artifcts to join the Labs' Accelerator 2022 winter cohort. This represents a meaningful milestone for Artifcts and an uplifting way to start the new year.

The eight-week program launches 31 January 2022 and will help Artifcts to better support the 50+ population. Together AARP and Artifcts will collaborate through research opportunities such as focus groups, feedback sessions, and available primary and secondary research sources  to refine product usage, placement and position in the 50+ population. We will harness our learnings to better serve the 50+ population and share related announcements here and on social media this spring.


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Has Much Changed for Female Entrepreneurs During the COVID Pandemic?

Has Much Changed for Female Entrepreneurs During the COVID Pandemic?

Gary Drenik, Forbes Contributor for Leadership Strategy, interviewed Artifcts co-founders Heather Nickerson and Ellen Goodwin to gain their perspectives on female-led entrepreneuriship in the time of COVID.

Some of the best business ideas are born out of people solving their own problems and then offering the solution to the world. Artifcts is no different, but what is different was the when, why, and how that resulted in this startup going from a glimmer of an idea to a launched subscription platform in under nine months. 

The full interview is now available online at Forbes.


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Artifcts Shows Up for Golf Charity Event

Artifcts loves the great outdoors and every chance to be local, and this weekend that meant sponsoring a team in the Greenish Jacket Foundation's 7th Annual chairty golf tournament. The Foundation raises money to support research into scleroderma (an auto-immune disease) at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Conditions were a bit windy for the tournament at the Falconhead Golf Club in Austin, TX, just ask the golfers who had to face those winds, uphill, on a par five. Not ideal. But they turned out, as did Artifcts. Where will you find us next?

Support local!

Artifcts Logo on Tee Box at Greenish Jacket Tournament


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