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Artifcts Joins Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce

September 15, 2021

Artifcts has joined the Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce, representing a community in the hill country of Texas with a stunning array of artists, business owners, and community events. We're proud to become a part of this community and support local and small businesses. Artifcts hopes to showcase local artisans in the months to come through Artifcts ARTIcles, participate in community events, and engage with thought leaders on how to build upon the already thriving business environment.

Artifcts joins Wimberley Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber has scheduled several events to introduce Artifcts. 

Wednesday, October 6 @ 10:30am. The Artifcts ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens. Thank you to the Theatre for hosting! 

Tuesday, November 2 @ 8am. Artifcts co-founder Ellen Goodwin will be on the radio for Chamber Chat with Wimberley Valley Radio KWVH 94.3. Tune in locally or online!

Thursday, November 11 @ 8:30am. The Chamber will host Artifcts for a Chamber Coffee & Chat. Join to learn more about Artifcts and to share updates and engagement opportunities with your Chamber business.


© 2021 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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What's New at Artifcts
Live from On Aging 2023 in Atlanta!

Atlanta is the place to be this week if your work overlaps with the incredibly dynamic and growing industry serving the wildly variant 50+ population. This year the American Society on Aging teamed up for its annual conference with Age Tech Atlanta to, among other things, shine a light on the startups supporting the oldest among us. Conference fees can be prohibitively expensive for startups and often place startups in lesser visited corners of the conference space in favor of establish, big-name players.

In Atlanta, there is a "startup alley" to give prominence to these companies. In addition, today there is a special live pitch competition through which one of the finalists will be awarded a $10,000 grant. Artifcts is honored to be among the 12 companies chosen to participate. Hear from co-founder Heather Nickerson:

Fun Fact! Did you know that Atlanta ranks third in the US for Fortune 500 headquarters, including the likes of UPS, Home Depot, Delta Airlines. Learn more on What's Next Longevity Deal Talk - Episode 17. We'll update this story later with our insights from our first ASA conference. Stay tuned!


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Artifcts Joins AgeWise Colorado's Chat About Stories & Your Stuff

AgeWise Colorado brings together resources to help people to age well in Colorado. Unsurprising, political state boundaries have little bearing on the relevance of the thoughtful guidance and advice the partners of AgeWise Colorado share in the organization's regular webinar series. From solo aging to nutrition at every age to the latest in tech, AgeWise Colorado helps you stay abreast of the latest so you can make transformative, knowledgeable, and informed choices as you live your best life.

Cue story-sharing, in its many forms and purposes. Enjoy the show!

If you skip the video, here's what you missed!

Leading off the discussion was Lisa Culhane, a guided autobiography instructor and life coach. It can be intimidating and frustrating for some just to get started with their stories. What's my objective? Where to begin? How much detail? Lisa is herself an author and believes writing your stories is the key to discovering the lessons and wisdom you want to carry forward into your third act. It’s why she is passionate about supporting people in finding, writing, and sharing their unique stories. 

Artifcts co-founder Ellen Goodwin offered insights into how the simplest and most ordinary of objects are powerful inspirational sources for story-telling and story-sharing. Artifcts is the means through which you can ensure those stories are actually captured along with the photos, video, and audio to help bring them to life and give them fuller context. "You'd be surprised how the most reluctant storytellers or interviewees will open up when you grab an object and ask the simple question, 'What is this?'" Of course, Ellen pointed out, you then have the huge benefits Artifcts offers to share that story or use your Artifcts for other purposes, such as estate and financial planning, insurance support, and more.

You'd be surprised how the most reluctant storytellers [] will open up when you grab an object and ask the simple question, 'What is this?' 

Closing the discussion was Maggie Gannon, an advanced practice nurse and founder and CEO of Haven—keeper of life stories and magic moments of the heart. Haven is an all-in-one, under one roof space for legacy preservation. Haven aims to make it easy to preserve your story and grow closer together with loved ones now, while helping everyone stay connected to your memory after death.


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Artifcts Live with Alzheimer's Speaks

Lori La Bey, founder of Alzheimer's Speaks, brings people to her "radio show" who are in the trenches, working to make a difference for those who have dementia as well as the caregivers to those with dementia. Lori is also the co-founder of sister site Dementia Map, which supports you and your family and/or business with free educational resources, a guide to service providers across 150 categories, and a growing collection of local memory cafes, searchable by state. (You can read more about Artifcts and how to get started in the Dementia Map blog, too!)

The cofounders of Artifcts, along with the executive director of the National Aging in Place Council, joined Lori to talk very directly about all our stuff and how Artifcts helps you to transform the stuff we collect and accumulate in life from a burden today—dust it, store it, move it!—and on future generations, who must wrestle with what to do with it all when it outlives us! Artifcts is here for your entire "village," no matter age or life stage. 

Enjoy the replay!

Artifcts is going to help so many people ... sometimes when we have friends and family deal with our stuff, they just label it junk. ... Artifcts helps to ensure our belongings enhance life. - Lori La Bey

And before you go, check out Lori Le Bay's new book, Betty the Bald Chicken: Lessons on How to Care. Inspired by Lori’s journey caring for her mother, who lived 30 years with Alzheimer's disease, this endearing book explores hard topics and the tough feelings that go with them. 


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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