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Exclusive articles, interviews, and insights covering downsizing & decluttering, genealogy, photos and other media, aging well, travel, and more. We’re here to help you capture the big little moments and stories to bring meaning and even order to all of life’s collections for generations.
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Artifcts® Platform Now Supports Publishing to Custom-Designed Books with Partner Akin

Whether you think about photo books as unique and personalized gifts and keepsakes or dream of publishing a life memoir, we love our books! Today Artifcts announced a new partnership with Akin ( to offer simple, custom designed books to Arti Community members who wish to publish their Artifcts to books. 

You need only look at the explosive growth of photo book companies to support everything from build-your-own to instant print from Instagram or your phone to know how much we love to have and to hold books.

Together, Artifcts and Akin have made it simple and affordable to publish a custom-designed, premium quality, personalized book of your Artifcts, an a beautiful and meaningful keepsake for you alone or to share with your friends and family.

“Not everyone enjoys spending hours combing through photos, uploading them into software, stressing over layouts, colors, and font choices,” commented Artifcts Co-founder Ellen Goodwin. “Our partnership with Akin means you can simply choose the Artifcts you want to publish, share them privately with Akin, and they’ll lay out the book in the template of your choice and ship it off to you! The whole process for our members takes minutes!” 

Artifcts excels in innovation that places the needs of its Arti Community members first. People expect to share their stories with meaningful context that includes photos, audio, and video. Artifcts has ensured this promise translates to printed books, too. Unlike a standard photo book, for every Artifct you publish, you can include a QR code that allows the viewer to scan and access additional photos and video tied to the story. Your book can come alive. 

“We don’t want our members to worry about the book creation process. We want people to enjoy spending time reliving their stories, and recording what they value most,” said Artifcts Co-founder Heather Nickerson. 

For more information, visit Concierge & Other Professional Services or review the FAQs available at 


© 2024 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

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Use Your Voice: Artifcts Now Offers In-App Audio & Video Recording

There’s something magical about hearing a story from the voice of the original storyteller. The melody of their voice, their points of emphasis, the word choices that are uniquely them.

While you might be the type who has lots of videos and voice memos on your phone at the ready to Artifct, others of us might be more of the spontaneous variety. 

Our newest update to the Artifcts app is going to support you as you capture these stories. 

Update the Artifcts App Today: Record Audio and Video Directly in the App! 

Next time you open the Artifcts app, you’ll see an update is required. Accept it, wait moments, and voila, you’ll have our brand new recording feature. (Haven’t downloaded our app yet? Eek! Here you go for iOS/App Store and Android/Google Play.) 

When you click to create a new Artifct—or add a new media file to an existing Artifct—you will be able to choose to record audio or video in the moment.  

And we went a step further, too, to remove any frustration by making it simple to: 

  • Trim your recording to fit the file size available for your Artifct.
  • Compress your recording if you want to make room for longer recordings.
  • Strip out the video to keep the audio only.
  • Download your recording to your device to edit later.

Here’s a case when “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” In the pictures that follow, we show you what it looks like step by step to record a video within the Artifcts app when you are creating a new Artifct.

Step 1 - Open the Artifcts App

Step 2 - Choose '+ Artifcts', Artifcts App

Step 3 - Record and Save, Artifcts App

Step 4 - Enjoy & Share, Artifcts App

Try it out and see what you think! 

Next time you’re inspired, or a friend or family starts telling a great tall tale, grab your phone, open up the app and record.

Don’t worry if your story runs long. You will have an option to trim it, compress it, or save it to your device in its entirety before trimming the best part to include in the Artifct. You can always link later in your Artifct to the full hour-long saga if you wish for posterity!

Need inspiration? The options are endless. Here are a few from the Arti Community: 

      • Ghost stories: Grandpa telling a ghost story + photo of the person who was a ghost.
      • Attic cleanout: Auntie Tess holding up an old gown + recording of her talking about her Broadway debut (Broadway Street in Kansas City, Missouri, that is).
      • Get cookin’! Photos of the recipe card, key ingredients, and end result + video explaining how to wrap the dumpling just so.

Great Great Grandma's Wedding Ring, Artifcts

Bonus example: Our co-founder @egoody captured some family history in a sitdown with her great aunt. Whose ring was it originally anyway?

As always with all of the features of Artifcts, but especially major new deliveries like this one, we love and appreciate your feedback. You can contact us at


© 2024 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Get Stickered: Introducing Artifcts QR Code Stickers

Our new QR code stickers make fast work of sorting through and organizing all that ‘stuff.’ Once you purchase a set, you can grab your Artifcts sticker sheets, get cozy in that attic, den, basement, or maybe even family member’s home, and start Artifcting and stickering, zero interruptions to search out a printer. Before you know it, you’ll have added valuable stories to your Artifcts collection and instantly and meaningfully organized all those items. 

"Our mission at Artifcts is to help you connect the stories of life with the objects that you’ve collected, accumulated, and inherited. Now with Artifcts QR stickers we’ve made it that much simpler to keep track of your ‘stuff’ and your memories, too," said co-founder and CEO Heather Nickerson.

Don't believe us? Hear from someone who's helped 10s of 1,000s of people to get through it all while trying to preserve those memories.

Matt Paxton loves Artifcts QR codes

All Artifcts QR code stickers are weatherproof, and we include 1 inch and 1.5 inch circles in each bundle. You can use them from our mobile app or desktop, both are ready and waiting to support you.

      • From your browser, look for QR code scanning feature on desktop in the top panel in the plus (+) menu.
      • On mobile, simply open your camera and scan to start. Either way, we'll walk you through the steps and have FAQs ready and waiting based on thoughtful testing by a sample of Arti Community members.

menu on Artifcts with Artifcts QR codes highlighted in yellow

Access from any web browser (Chrome, Safari, ...) and go to the plus (+) menu to scan your QR code sticker.

Give It a Try Today!

Learn more and click to buy the sticker bundles today on And please let us know what you think!  You can add reviews on Amazon and write to use directly at


Helpful resources as you get started and continue enjoying Artifcting:

Past Artifcts Product Updates

Artifcts Quick Start Guide

Artifcts Inspiration Checklists


© 2024 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Latest Feature: Timelines Have Arrived at Artifcts

Dr. Seuss did say, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” And now at Artifcts we’ll help bring light to your life’s journey with a timeline view of your Artifcts collection. You may even discover you forgot to Artifct items related to whole periods of your life. College? What college? 

Many applications, from Google Photos to specialized genealogy software to Facebook, offer timelines, but they often are rigid in terms of editing and lose the context that Artifcts offer when they simply place photos, for example, in sequential order or display SOME information while leaving other (documents, photos, ...) in separate, disconnected galleries. We view the Artifcts timeline as the ultimate way to future proof your history by revealing gaps in the life moments you've captured.

A Peek Inside the Making of Timelines, with the Artifcts Greenhouse

Last month we launched the Artifcts Greenhouse. A greenhouse is a protected place where things grow, experimental hybrids go from dream to reality, and more. That’s Artifcts – growing, experimenting, creating something new. Artifcts Greenhouse members help to shape the newest features coming to the Arti Community over the next year to bring you more fun and more value.
Artifcts Greenhouse image
This intimate group of Arti Community members has expertise and interests spanning downsizing and decluttering, insurance and estate planning, genealogy, parenting, photo organizing, and more. Each member tested the timelines independently and joined a group discussion about the pros and cons of timelines. The reaction was ... well, judge for yourself, with this screenshot of some highly ENTHUSIASTIC  feedback with our survey:

Give Timelines a Try

You will find your timeline by visiting your homepage and choosing "My Artifcts." You'll see the timeline option marked with a yellow "New!" We know that if you are new to Artifcts and only have a few of your own, your timeline will be a bit sparse. You can always check out the public Artifcts in our founders' timelines for inspiration - @Heather and @Ellen have shared many Artifcts over the past two years.

Small preview of an Artifcts timeline

As you explore this new feature we hope you'll enjoy the built in features that go with it to provide you valuable ways to put your timeline to work for you:

      • Annual and decade views
      • Newest-to-oldest, oldest-to-newest
      • Drag to reassign an Artifct to a different year
      • Add time period notes

We have great FAQs based on our Greenhouse testing and a quick video ready for you as well.

Timeline view is for now, only on desktop at It will be evolve further in the months to come. We’d love your feedback at on timelines and on past features and improvements we've introduced.

Happy Artifcting!


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Latest Features and Improvements | Aug. 2023

As Artifcts wrapped up year two—Happy Birthday, Artifcts!—we squeaked in a few feature upgrades in response to more than two dozen Artifcts concierge sessions this summer and many times that in email exchanges, workshops, and other in-person events with members of the Arti Community. In turns out, folks were feeling the need to be a bit more precise with both what they were reading about here on Artifcts and what details they captured in their own Artifcts.

With these product upgrades over to you to put to good use, we've now set the stage perfectly as we step into year three of Artifcts with some major new product features and services coming your way this fall. More on that soon! For now, enjoy these feature upgrades!


Love typewriters? Fancy a trip to Portugal? Enjoy genealogy? Want to know when a new Artifct is shared that speaks to subjects you love? Now you can with keyword alerts!

As always, you’re in control of whether you receive these alerts by email (and how often) and/or as pop-up notifications on the app and desktop versions of Artifcts.

Custom alerts setup in Artifcts

Create personalized alerts >



Please do not say you’re still writing on the backs of pictures?! We get it. Sometimes you simply only have time to mention who is who, the name of a building or site, or other key details and writing on the back is better than nothing at all! We can help you!

Now at Artifcts, take less tahn a minute to Artifct that pic and tell not the story behind that photo, but feel free to add captions to photos you Artifct, too. And don't worry, if you ever download those photos to Excel or PDF, the captions will be there, too!

Typewriter Artifct with caption describing

Edit one of your Artifcts to include captions >



Sometimes you know-ish, how much something is worth.  

And other times you have the receipt or appraisal (and you even added those to your Artifct's “Documentation” section), and you’d like to include the specific value in your Artifct for insurance, estate planning, tax or other purposes. We hear you! Now you can include the precise value in your Artifct, too! 

How Much is It Worth field on Artifcts form

Edit one of your Artifcts to record its financial value >

If you need a helping hand or a refresher, remember to check our FAQs and our Tips Videos on YouTube. And if you have feedback or ideas to share, please write to us at

Cursive text XOXO The Artifcts Team


Helpful resources as you get started and continue enjoying Artifcting:

Past Product Updates

Quick Start Guide

Inspiration Checklists


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Latest Features and Improvements | May 2023

Reading time: 3 minutes 

We’ve been on a non-stop learning journey with new and old members of the Arti Community all year.

We started with passionate genealogists, then innovators in longevitech, and onward to photo organizers, estate planners, and those moving, downsizing, and/or decluttering (along with the pros who help them). On top of all that has been the precious one-on-one time with families and individuals concierge Artifcting their prized collectibles, one-of-a-kind pieces, and sentimental mementos.

An overarching lesson from this all is that sometimes the devil really is in the details. So, we focused there – the details. Check out the newest updates, and you’ll see what we mean.

Product Updates, Spring 2023: Devil in the Details  


Now when you share an Artifct privately with individuals, circles, or lists, you can choose to share the Artifct's private documentation, too. This is perfect when you ... 

    • Scan a bundle of old letters together as a PDF that you want your siblings to be able to access and read them anytime; 
    • Write up your genealogy research notes and family history and share with your extended family;  
    • Want to file an insurance claim, with the photos, receipt, and appraisal report so your insurer can process the claim faster and with fewer questions;
    • Include the original high resolution photo file and want to allow others to access it and print or use themselves.

So many scenarios, each now supported with (optional) documentation sharing. Just click the box to include documents the next time you share an Artifct. You can revoke this decision instantly, too. Simply click ‘Share’ again and delete the share that includes the documentation. Done!

Sharing pop up on Artifcts with new option to share documentation


New parents, new retirees, new homeowners, those experiencing grief – so many occasions for which Artifcts is a beautiful, fun, and lasting gift. Now you can choose the occasion of your Artifcts gift so that the gift email, as well as the printable gift card, match the mood.

Choose the gift occasion with Artifcts

Give it a try this Mother’s Day for any of the moms in your life! Sure beats another candle. Gift memberships are 30% off now through Mother's Day.

Buy now ->


The thoroughness and creativity of genealogists begs each of us to rise to our A games. For genealogists colors carry meaning: one color for the “maternal” side of the family, another for “paternal,” and so on. In addition, those black and white details can start to make your attention wander. What story can’t use a little “color,” really?  

Now you can select the font color as well as a highlight color to emphasize key details in any Artifct story. 

Customize the appearance of your text in your story with Artifcts

Create an Artifct and try it out ->


Invite-only circles are quickly gaining popularity. They provide community with whom and around whatever theme you care about without the noise of social media, the boredom and sad experience of a shared drive or long document, or the disorganization of chats and emails. 

We’ve heard about private circles organized around:

    • Family, e.g. all my cousins, aunts, and uncles, to reunite old and share new family heirlooms;  
    • A love of travel, and the friends who you can count on to Artifct all the great details so you can follow in their footsteps (and shops!);  
    • Membership groups, like chruch groups and local seniors villages who love to story-share through Artifcts; and
    • Collections. One woman told us she invited all her friends and acquaintances who collect Star Wars memorabilia. A man in Denmark created a circle just for his wine-loving friends. 

We upgraded circles so you can now see and easily follow individual circle members, see a note from the circle creator about why the circle exists, and quickly sort to see your favorite Artifcts within the circle and those you have contributed. 

 Invite-only circles on Artifcts provide new details about the circle and its member

Create a circle -> 

We have an open door.  

Is there something you wish Artifcts could do or help you with? Is there a feature driving you a bit crazy or confusing you in any way? You can write us a And be sure to catch up on past product updates, too!

button to jump to past product updates with Artifcts


Helpful resources as you get started and continue enjoying Artifcting:

Quick Start Guide

Inspiration Lists

FAQs & Videos on YouTube


© 2023 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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