Give the gift
of Artifcts

The perfect gift for
the person in your life
who has everything.

Give a gift
We consider it human nature to collect ‘stuff.’
We also believe in a universal desire to tell stories.
Through Artifcts we provide a secure place to document and preserve the history, life moments, and memories of the objects behind the stories. You know the story.
Does anyone else?

Want to do more?

Enhance your collection with these features.
& Inspire
Family, friends,
the world – you decide! Your
story could be the genesis
of something new.
Link the digital and
the physical. Attach a unique
QR code to your artifact.
Be ready for anything.
Documentary support for
insurance, charity, and wills.
If you skipped this step,
think again in case you want
to store, ship, or frame
your artifact.

How will you Artifct?

Choose what’s right for you.
Quick Start for Now
Sample Artifcts
  • Upload and store up to 5 Artifcts
  • Share with friends and family
  • Create QR codes linking Artifcts with physical objects
Artifcts Collections
Curate your collection
Starting at $36/year
  • Choose up to 30 or unlimited Artifcts
  • Upload documentation
  • Invite others to collaborate and add details to your Artifcts
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