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Three Peas in a Pod: Sports, Stuff, & Stories

If you are a parent, a friend of a parent, neighbor of a parent, or contemplating parenthood, you've probably noticed that sports consume a vast amount of time & energy for parents and child athletes alike not to mention money and storage space for all that gear. And then, they get older, and the equipment larger and more expensive.  

We’ve found ways to cope and find the humor in this sporting reality. Surely you've seen bumper stickers like "swim taxi" or heard someone say, "I'll be working from my {barn} office," as Artifcts Co-founder Heather Nickerson often quips as she departs for her daughter's horse riding lessons. 

You may already be using Artifcts as your top ally in keeping track of the key moments, good luck tokens, awards, gear, and other memorabilia you can't (yet?) part with.  

broken baseball cleat without laces    child in hockey jersey and gear standing outside an indoor rink

Click the image to view the baseball cleat or hockey jersey.
The owners tell us neither of these has been given up (yet)!

Inside the World of Swimming 'Stuff'

Today we're focusing on that last bit, the hall of fame worthy gear, but not from a parent. We're pivoting to the sport of swimming and the Texas Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame.

Charles Logan spent the better part of 12 years as the Director of the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center at The University of Texas at Austin. And lucky for all who enjoy the phenomenal Olympic-level center, Logan has long had a passion for collecting swim memorabilia. Much of his collection (but not all!) now resides in frames, glass display cases, and special exhibits at the Texas Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame, with notable contributions from Texas athletes and families. 

Picture of an old postcard with a caricature of a swimmer on the front

This Artifct is part of a private swim memorabilia collection. Click the image to view the Artifct.

To clarify, the stuff resides at the Hall of Fame; until very recently, the stories did not.

Those stories were locked in Charles' memories of a lifetime of collecting and chasing histories. That of course meant that when massive crowds visit the facility for NCAA competitions and championships, Olympic qualifying events, and regular long and short course seasons (not to mention hours and hours and hours of practice) the swim memorabilia left people to wonder, "What is this?” “Why is it here?" and “How does it all connect?” And for all those who never visit the Hall of Fame in person, it’s simply lost history. 

Joining forces with Artifcts, the 'stuff' now has stories and is ready and waiting to inform and entertain Hall of Fame visitors and maybe even inspire a whole new generation of swimmers. We invite you to a virtual tour of some of those exhibits on Artifcts! 

black swimsuit with white T on it  Vintage USA Olympic Swim Team Luggage, bag and suitcase    vintage swim patch collection on a swim jacket

View the complete collection  ->

And if you're visiting the Texas Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame, be on the look out for Aritfcts QR codes sprinkled throughout!  

Artifcts QR code on a swim mannequin


Have a space in your life like the Texas Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame making you say, "Hmmm?" Contact us at to discuss personal concierge options and non-profit and enterprise support. 

© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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On the Road Again, Artifcting Across the USA 

Last year we said that you’ve likely heard of the Smithsonian, The Met, and The Getty, and asked if you also knew The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum, The Mum of Mustard, and The Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History. An eclectic mix aimed to get the most museum skeptical folks out there to explore! 

We couldn’t wait to return with a second installment of Artifcting Across the USA  and a new lineup of museums to add to your stops list this summer. We even went out on a limb and created a fun little map to help you out. Click the map to download your copy! 

Map of small museums across the United States


Introducing Five New Museums  

Just take me to the Artifcts of #ArtifctingAcrossTheUSA!


Yes, a museum just for bobbleheads in the vibrant Third Ward in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. And if you are surprised, just think about all the major athletes, hot button political figures, and even custom bobbleheads you’ve surely seen in person or swirling around in social media memes. Vintage, well, antique really, bobbleheads (aka “nodding heads”) date back to the 1760s. It’s hard to imagine these playful modern pieces in seemingly more stoic times, but history is history. Enjoy a bobble or two > 


Did you know the United Nations declared 2022 the International Year of Glass? Respecting its history and future, spanning the arts to life sciences, glass is taking its turn on the stage for the power it holds for good. Imagine our delight to share with you a few of the glassworks on display with the Bergstrom-Mahler Glass Museum in Neenah, Wisconsin, during this, the year of glass! There’s glass, and then there’s glass! Take a look – have glass art of your own to Artifct? 

Among The Museum's exhibits are a few pieces by the esteemed artist Johne Parsley (1916-2009), one of the great fine glass paperweight artists of his generation. His daughter, an artist in her own right, has kindly contributed additional pieces to this Artifcting Across the USA series and will Artifct more paperweights for your viewing pleasure throughout 2022 as part of the International Year of Glass. View @Joan-of-Art on Artifcts > 


It’s the history of the making of a nation. It’s a history reconstructed with the perseverance and contributions of those who know the value of history to the future. It's the history of Black people in the United States. You need not even step into the George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural and Genealogy Center in Austin, Texas, to begin the journey through history. A pathway behind the Museum is your guide, with engraved signage and messages. A statue garden commemorates Juneteenth and leaves a pedestal for you to "step into history ... take your place."

Of course, so much more awaits inside this modern museum to tell you more about Black history. You can also stroll through exhibits transporting you through modern Black art, representation in pop culture, inventors, and landmark institutions of the Austin area, including historically black schools and the Texas State Capital building, constructed by black hands. Step into Black art and history > 


Museum exhibits take months if not years to curate and then assemble. The constant flow keeps museums alive and responsive to the times and adaptable to include modern history. But some museums, like the City Museum in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, take living museums to a whole new level. Imagine being a curator and showing up to work one day to discover a bus installation … on the roof. Surprise! This is not a museum for the timid or for the more conventional museum diehards.  

But don’t dismiss the genuine artistic and historical merits of the unconventional approach. You will find works from internationally renowned contemporary artists, an enthralling selection from among 60,000 glass lantern slides of the former Image Library at The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, and physical artifacts from the local community and beyond, including historic components of St. Louis architecture and a vintage 1940 ‘Big Eli’ Ferris Wheel on the rooftop. Go on, be curious, and check out a few playful pieces on Artifcts > 


Texas style. Well, at least with a Texas twist, because this is actually a teaser for a coming collection to Artifcts with the Texas Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame.  

Nestled in the halls of the The Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center at the University of Texas at Austin is a remarkable collection that is a treat for athletes who visit from around the country. The display was made possible because of the contributions of a former swim director who loves all things swim history and vintage gear and memorabilia. Some of his collection he’s kept for personal enjoyment—look at this signed postcard discovery—but much of it is now on display to remind us all how much a single sport has grown, changed, and shaped history through the decades. Here’s your sneak peek > 

We'd love to hear from you! Artifct your moments and discoveries at these and other museums across the USA and beyond as you travel this summer. Our histories shared are so much more powerful than any single object.


We extend our enthusiastic thanks to the participating museums for their contributions. All rights reserved. If your museum is interested in contributing to a future piece in this series, contact

© 2022 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Artifcting Across the USA
You know The Smithsonian, The Met, and The Getty, but how about The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum, The Museum of Mustard, and The Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History? We took a virtual journey across the US to discover and highlight the stories, objects, and history held by these and other smaller museums.
Connecting with these museums underscored for us how valuable these collections are to our understanding of the world and how much information is right out your/our back door. For instance, do you know why The Museum of Making Music would have an electric kettle and heater in its collection? And, did you know that the USS Midway Museum in San Diego has a piece of the USS Arizona that sunk at Pearl Harbor? There is value in every object and story, they just need someone to tell it. Thankfully, these museums still do, and we at Artifcts endeavor to as well.
Do you know why The Museum of Making Music would have an electric kettle and a heater in its collection?
We hope you enjoy these collections as much as we do, and we invite you to explore these museums with us, either virtually or in person. View the collection here on

Thank you to The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum (Carlsbad, CA), The Museum of Making Music (Carlsbad, CA), The National Buffalo Museum (Jamestown, ND), The National Mustard Museum (Middleton, WI), The Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History (Weston, MA), and The USS Midway Museum (San Diego, CA) for your contributions.

© 2021 Artifcts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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